Tea Party Lawmaker Letter on Med Device Tax Repeal Authored by Lobby Group

klys (maker of Silmarils)9/29/2013 4:42:36 pm PDT

re: #309 LowenLowen

You’re right, we need single-payer.

Instead, because Republicans seem to think that’s OMGSOCIALISM, we got Obamacare, which still provides insurance to many, many more Americans than the currently existing privately run system.

Which, btw, all those companies offering plans on the exchanges are still privately run.

The ideas behind Obamacare came from a conservative think tank. It was first proposed on the national level by a Republican. A rather well-known Republican presided over the first state implementation of such an idea.

And yes, health care costs were already rising at incredible paces before Obamacare, and employers were already looking to cut back hours and reduce costs of benefits. Obamacare makes a nice, convenient excuse that keeps people from focusing on the real reasons, like why the folks in the top percentages of income continue to make more and more money while the rest of America sees their wages stagnate or worse.

So, if you’re really peeved about this, I welcome you joining in the fight for single-payer.