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Pawn of the Oppressor12/28/2014 9:28:35 pm PST

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You’re welcome, I think they’re required reading about the Pacific war. If you’ve ever seen HBO’s “The Pacific” - kind of a thematic follow-on to “Band of Brothers” - a lot of it was taken from Sledge’s writing. There’s stuff in the book, though, that they left out of an uncensored HBO cable TV drama about brutal war, which tells you something. There’s one scene in particular where troops going up into the hills are passing other troops coming back down, like a shift change, which captured so much of the “Our job is to kill these bastards and go home” feeling I hear about from my dad (who was a young child at the time).

An ex-girlfriend of mine has an “elder” at her church who was at Okinawa and Iwo Jima both. He doesn’t talk about it too much, I gather, but he has said that one of his tasks during Okinawa involved securing the bodies of people who had made suicide jumps off the cliffs, including shooting them if necessary.

There’s a lot of crummy little island territory out there in the middle of nowhere that was paid for in blood, and I can’t really blame veterans for post-war hatreds either.

Sledge’s book is a bit like “Thud Ridge” in my mind - a revelatory personal account of war from a perspective that you don’t often hear from.