Thursday Night Open

Mad Prophet Ludwig4/02/2009 7:43:43 pm PDT

Dear Charles,

We at the Zionist Elder conspiracy wish to thank you for your recent efforts to promote AGW. As you know our masters, from the Zionist occupied Remulak have mandated a full switch away from all fossil fuel usage, so that all puny humans will be defenseless against our armies of mutant cyborg wombats.

Did you know that wombats are not from Australia, but actually native to Remulak?

Ahem… I digress…

The world scientific community - and you know that there are a lot of Jews in that group, has been working hard to bring this about. They were of course, outflanked by the Oil Companies, who selflessly think only for the good of your puny species.

We believe that this ruse will work better than communism did. Of course, in the interests of recycling (we do that on Remulak too) we did need to refurbish some of our better communist operatives in the form of scientists.

As always, your check is in the mail, and we will make certain that the wombats pass you and your future servants by.

Thank you,

Zionist Occupied Remulak.