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allegro4/20/2019 1:35:06 pm PDT

re: #308 Hecuba’s daughter

I think this comes from his real fear of Trump being reelected. And it’s my fear too. Worst case scenario: The Bernie supporters will sabotage anyone who isn’t Bernie — some are currently supporting a third-party run if Bernie isn’t the nominee. If Bernie is the nominee, Trump’s campaign staff will demolish him — or maybe not. After all, Trump has normalized a whole range of candidate flaws that would have previously been fatal.

I don’t see Bernie getting anywhere near the nomination. I think the only reason the slovenly old scold got any traction in 2016 was because he was the only candidate running besides Hillary. It was their first debate when I went “nope, not even with him.” And it was just him and Hillary. Now put him on a debate stage with Harris, Warren, and the rest (you can see my preferences thus far) and see how he presents. He will not be treated gently this time as he was the last. His finger-waving bullshit won’t fly.