The Ron Paul Tea Parties

Just_A_Grunt4/15/2009 12:25:48 pm PDT

Eric Odom himself has tried to distance himself from the label national organizer, but yes he did have a lot to do with leveraging the tools he had to get the ball rolling. I am not writing in defense of Eric, and folks who know me know I am not a Paulian.
I worked on the fringes with the Atlanta rally, and I mean the real fringe. I did my work for a group called the Don’t Go Movement.
In addition a group known as Smart Girl Politics did a lot of the leg work.
These things took on a life of their own and to be totally honest having Hannity come to Atlanta wound up costing us $25,000 dollars that we had to raise from donations.
So please don’t jump the shark and try to cast these rallies as some sort of Ron Paul event. That is as disingenuous as the left claiming we are getting corporate sponsorship.
Now if you will excuse me I need to go get ready to attend the Atlanta rally.