Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The New Flavor of the GOP

Mayor of Shadyville8/10/2010 1:03:00 pm PDT

I just go by my local town and their planning board committee and city council approving whether or not someone can have a “massage parlor” or a strip club, or even the city of Ocean City, NJ, a town that does not allow liquor stores or bars. Or most towns around me only grant a certain number of “liquor licenses” for restaurants to serve alcohol.
I see these all as examples of government deciding, right or wrong, what they see as being in the best interest of their municipality.
So as far as the constitution addressing who builds on what land, I’m not real sure it’s going to be clear.
I appreciate your heartfelt attacks on me, I find them delectable. I’m all for private property, and if it’s privately owned land than I’m sure their won’t be much of a problem building their facility on it.
I do find it newsworthy that it’s being done, and if you say he declares himself a supporter of Israel I believe you.

I am a supporter of our allies, I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Israel or anyone in particular I just remember what happened to that land as I know you all do. I was 22 years old and very impressionable at the time and unfortunately the people who committed that act of war so close to where the facility is being built did it in the name of Islam.
I was ignorant at the time and remeber thinking, “the guys with the bowties that come around Atlantic City?”
I never heard of Salafist Jihadist groups and had no idea how badly they hated me, because frankly I didn’t give a shiite about any sunnis.
But once those 19 hijackers boarded those planes and brought the fight to New York and Washington, I changed.
I have kept up on militant islam and it’s history, know thy enemy.
I hope none of you have any enemies. I love all my liberal friends, I love all my eclectic mish moshed bunch of friends. I visit a Lebanese man almost daily and we’ve never spoke of religion or hate or anything even approaching that. I never even knew he was Lebanese until he told me he was going to go visit family in Beirut.

So you can accuse me of anything you want, this is an excellent forum to make yourself feel better.

I hope you certainly do not have any biases, any hidden hatreds, and I hope you love the constitution as you claim. The one thing I always tell my wife is let’s make it fun, let’s smile, let’s enjoy every breath we have and not let pessimism get in our way.

I respect this groups right to aspire to build their facility, and I respect the other groups right to oppose it, and all the gibberish (which I humbly admit I have a ton to give to those willing) in between will be fun.

And when I mean fun, I mean all your off handed insults directed towards those who don’t agree. It’s fun to read you guys. I haven’t posted here in a while and I actually jumped on to see if Charles had anything on that plane crash, but I’ll be around now more often.
Mostly as a lizaroid morlock troll or whatever it was the big guy used to call us. BTW, does Charles post this much on all his forums now?