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re: #305 Dr Lizardo

And here’s the Czech Republic’s Atari Terror:

NSFW! Really….it’s not. Which is why I’m hiding it in a spoiler tag. It has boobs. They’ve played it on Czech TV here unedited, because here, it’s really not a big deal - though some younger Americans are rather surprised by the occasional bit of nudity on Czech television.

Ya’ll been warned.

[Embedded content]

I remember the first time I saw a European commercial for soap or shampoo or something on TV. I was in high school, sitting with my host family, and my jaw dropped (I suppose) when the woman in the commercial showed her boobs on TV … and no one else in the room paid the slightest attention to it, because people are usually naked when they shower. American TV commercials were never that frank.

Euro TV shows also freely admit that couples, having had sex, generally remain unclothed for the rest of the night. American (broadcast) TV couples apparently put their underwear back on, if in fact it ever came off.