Rest in Peace, John McCain

HappyWarrior8/26/2018 9:52:41 am PDT

re: #305 I Would Prefer Not To

I also don’t buy this crap about needing security when he goes out for sushi with his husband. People are going to yell at him. So fucking what? Liberals yell. They don’t people in the head for being gay. that’s what asshole conservatives do.

He’s the one who chose to be a professional asshole. He loved the fame when his right wing sugar daddies were financing him but now that he’s actually having to deal with people calling him out without their money, he cant’ handle it. Fuck you Milo. I hope your husband leaves you for someone who isn’t a pathetic sack of shit and you die alone in misery telling the mice you’ll be roomates with about your once fame.