VIDEO: A Surprising Development for Once: Mitt Romney Says He'll Vote to Convict Trump

bratwurst2/05/2020 2:11:04 pm PST

Perhaps I am alone in this, but I am getting angry that the insane news cycle we are living in is in danger of letting the Iowa Democratic Party off the hook.

I continue to believe there is s strong connection between the electoral process being turned into a reality TV show and the fact we have a sociopathic reality game show host with a fake orange tan as POTUS.

For me:

(A) Caucuses must be eliminated from the process completely.

(B) Iowa loses “first in nation” status forever. Let’s break the continuous 48 states into groups by size (sorry folks in AK & HI, but it is simply too prohibitively expensive for non-billionaires to be campaigning for months in your states) and randomly draw a comparable state (in the 2-4 million kind of range) to begin with. Then there is at least a CHANCE the first state will represent the country better than Iowa and New Hampshire.

(C) The people responsible for this debacle need to be sent looking for work outside of politics.

Anything less than the above is fucking bullshit IMO.