He Started 45 Minutes Ago and He's Still Ranting: Trump Gloats About Escaping Justice

BeachDem2/06/2020 3:26:33 pm PST

And Jennifer Rubin goes after not only Republicans, but the media:

He appeared unhinged, angry and resentful in what was billed as a speech but amounted to a disjointed stream of consciousness…

Throughout the appearance, Trump seethed with resentment, resorting to vulgarity (“It was all bullshit,” he said of impeachment) and insisting (sorry, Sen. Collins) that he did nothing wrong. Fury and vindictiveness oozed from every pore. Seeing the commander in chief in full rage-mode, plainly willing — and eager, even — to wreck vengeance on his critics should be deeply disturbing, particularly to the party that just rationalized acquitting him…

And yet, after this eye-popping performance, you will see mildly worded headlines describing Trump as holding a “celebration” for his acquittal. The effort to cast Trump in a setting of normalcy seems unabated, no matter how inappropriate to the events playing out before our eyes

It is incumbent on the media to inform the public when the president behaves in such an aberrant manner. Indeed, it misleads readers and viewers to cast the event as an innocuous “celebration.” The media have struggled to appear “balanced” and objective in an era in which the president behaves in shocking and unprecedented ways. They need to find a language to convey vividly the unhinged anger and obsession with retribution that Trump occasionally unleashes in public.