The Bob Cesca Podcast: Carnival Barking Clown

calochortus2/14/2020 8:27:49 am PST

re: #304 Belafon

“Do you know why we need to raise taxes on the rich? Because the people who are living paycheck to paycheck, the people working two jobs, the people working to provide for their family and hopefully have some left over shouldn’t be having to pay for the money the government is borrowing to make the rich richer.”

I’d be perfectly happy paying higher taxes for a strong social safety net that I hope I (and mine) will never need to get anywhere near. Not so much if paying higher taxes means the very wealthy get more through contracts to build walls and run prisons and the like.

One does not need to personally amass excess money if one feels secure. Not to say people don’t want to be wealthy for other reasons, but it would be nice if everyone could just relax a bit.