Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

What, me worry?3/24/2010 3:56:47 pm PDT

re: #305 Bob Levin

Right, so if you’re British don’t hand your passport to anyone else at all, since they might be an Israeli spy. That’s just common sense, and practical too. Unfortunately, intelligence agencies don’t keep an up to date catalog of passports from other countries. They have to actually steal someone’s passport to make a good copy.

None of this is making any sense, except that we just know a mass murderer is dead, and various government officials feel they aren’t getting enough press coverage.

That first bit was sarcasm, yes? I can’t tell.

hehe That second bit was right on, although I hadn’t thought of the press coverage bit. I’m not ready to say the Brits just want to jump on the bash Israel bandwagon. Europe was never shy of chastising Israel all these years anyway. I think it’s more circumstantial, but I could be wrong.

I really, really hate to say it, but Nixon was Israel’s only tried and true friend. And I hate to say it because Nixon was a terrible man. He did know his way around foreign policy better than most tho.