Drunk History Tells the Strange Story of Willie Hitler [VIDEO]

Decatur Deb12/02/2019 10:08:56 am PST

re: #314 Barefoot Grin

I know Bardstown has a distillery; what about Elizabethtown?

I remember going to Wichita Falls, TX in the late 1970s with my church youth group to help after a tornado there. I was shocked that the 18yos in our group could go to a drive-through liquor store, get a beer, and legally drive with it open.

Over the last decade or so, E’town gradually went wet. (Started with wine at a sit-down restaurant. No distilleries there—that’s in Nelson County. (Local option-is county based.) That created the KY Konumdrum—Christian County was wet, Bourbon County was dry.