Trevor Noah: Trump Denies the Science of Climate Change as Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Venus

b.d.9/16/2020 9:19:54 am PDT

The lady who was communications director for the Ted Cruz for POTUS campaign is telling CNN readers there should be a Joe Rogan debate.

How can voters make an informed decision without having seen the candidates debate the issues face to face? You don’t buy a car without kicking the tires and taking it for a test drive, how can you choose a president without a proper evaluation? It doesn’t make sense.

The Presidential debates are just like kicking the tires when shopping for a new car. Kicking the tires tells you nothing about a car and you are only doing it because someone told you that you should for some reason.

It’s the all-important Independents and undecided voters that count.
My hope is that they fully educate themselves on the candidates before they cast their ballot. The best electorate is an informed electorate.

If there are uniformed voters out there, at this point I don’t want a debate to decide who they vote for because that would be lazy, stupid and irresponsible. Time to grow up and just do away with the damn debates anyways, it is just a circus at this point.