Self-Defense Statistics-When Stats Are Colored With Attitude

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)6/03/2014 1:59:54 pm PDT

re: #31 Rightwingconspirator

Well I have no serious disagreement with that post so that should show some agreement there.

What I did before was present an alternative to getting rid of the gun.

Why look for an alternative?

Sporting practice is how good habits are learned and fixed into memory. The safety rules, handling, actual practice, all parts of the training I’m sure we agree one must have.
Having fun in the sport encourages frequent practice. That reinforces training. How else is that training going to be practiced?

Again, we were talking about someone who had thought they were in far more danger than they were, and actually faced very little danger. Easy solution: get rid of the gun. Your solution requires a big commitment of time and energy and money.

You don’t like this. Okay we disagree on that sporting option. Yes we disagree that sport shooters must keep the guns at the range. Given legal proper storage properly used at home I’m fine with the guns at home.

Do you agree that guns stored in the home are a risk?

But why focus so hard on where we disagree. I would hope finding some common ground is worthwhile to the discussion. We have some. Maybe not as as much as we might like but hey that’s the internet.

If you actually calculated the risk people were at of violent assault and correlated it with people who own firearms, and then told and convinced those people of their real, minor risk of violent assault, and they did the logical and reasonable thing of no longer having a gun, this would cut the number of gun owners (and the number of guns out there) severely.

I’m not sure where it is you ‘agree’ with me. The amount of training that I want for someone to carry a CCW is something you’ve disagreed with in the past. The change in gun culture, where guns stop being fetishized as self-defense weapons, you’ve criticized. You even have been wishy-washy about people taking guns on marches for gun rights.

Where is it you think we agree?