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ObserverArt4/20/2019 5:02:02 pm PDT

re: #22 HappyWarrior

Yeah. It’s a fair point but I still don’t think with that exception Bush saw his critics as the enemy. And tbh I meant his personal enemies. I never felt that Bush thought the critics of the war were as bad as Al Queda. The Reagan example though was Reagan joking and OA you know how I feel about Reagan so me defending this makes me feel icky but I can’t compare Reagan’s post shooting joke to Trump repeatedly treating his critics like enemies.

I only brought it up because the original point was over political party us versus them and whose side are you on. “W” used the war to cross political party lines.

I had a friend that was very anti-Vietnam and even registered for the draft as a CO. But he totally became unhinged and was a bomb ‘em all and sort it out later type after 9/11. He was all in on Bush even though he didn’t vote for him.

I saw it as being unquestioning and I think jumping into something like a war unquestioning as dangerous.

I think Charles has talked about some of that in the early days here and how that shaped this board for some time and then in ways caused issues later on.

Just another exampled of how people can be split up and group think can cause problems.