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BTW, I just tweeted this with the #p2 and #tlot hashtags (as well as tcot) to alert all Islamophobes (and LGF haters on the left who want to smear this place as Muslim-bashing) to check it out.


A Muslim on LGF sets the record straight on Taqiyyah [Link:…] #LGF #lgfpages #tcot #tlot #p2 Islamophobes &LGFhaters take note!

Late to the argument but nothing here was set straight. The concept boils down to “thou shalt not lie (disseminate), unless you feel it’s necessary”. That’s a pretty wide open concept.

Here is a better page describing the shia belief:

Taqiyyah means ‘concealing one’s religion or faith due to fear, but in one’s heart, the person must believe in the religion s/he is concealing’. In other words it is a form of self-defence that encompasses defending one’s life, property, esteem and beliefs. According to Shariah, if a person is caught up between two hardships and one of them is intolerable, then to save one’s self from the bigger hardship, one should tolerate the smaller one. Therefore, Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Allamah Fakhruddin Razi wrote

When faced with two hardships, one should go through the smaller one to save one’s self from the bigger one. This is a recognized fact.

Curious lurker, can you tell me how that squares up with your views in this quote:

Okay, so what about taqiyyah? Let’s start with what taqiyyah is NOT. taqiyyah does not mean lying or dissimulation—that is a completely different word in Arabic (kadhaba).