GOP Senator Pushes Radical Bill To Prohibit Discussion Of Abortion Over The Internet

Dark_Falcon10/19/2011 9:59:49 pm PDT

re: #31 ggt

Frankly, I think we need a Federal Law. The Supreme Court’s legislature from the Bench was necessary.

the States use “States Rights” to abuse people too often. This is one situation in which Human Rights need to be defined and enforced on a Federal Level.

How many years later and we are still fighting over basic reproductive rights?

I am so tired of people using G-d to justify exploitation and discrimination.

On that, you and I do not agree. I do not think it is proper for judges to do such a thing. If they do not like a law, but it is not in violation of the Constitution, the Supreme Court is in my mind obligated to let it stand. Repeal of bad laws is a matter for the legislature.