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Backwoods_Sleuth4/06/2020 4:33:29 pm PDT

re: #319 Barefoot Grin

I broke my right foot three weeks ago while walking the dog. She lurched for something and pulled me off the pavement and I not only broke the 5th metatarsal, but twisted the heck out of my ankle. The next day the pain was too intense so I went to Convenient Care. They put a temporary splint on and the next day I went to the orthopedist from whom I got the boot. It was only on the second to third day, with the boot, that my toes turned purple. That was gone in about three days with icing and rest. Today is the first day that I can walk with only a small amount of pain. Tomorrow and beyond! Hope you heal soon.

ah! Possible anecdotal support for my hairline fracture suggestion
(I’m old…I’ll take what successes in distance flimsy diagnoses I can get…)