Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign (Full Speech)

Mattand4/08/2020 2:17:43 pm PDT

So, I was talking with a conservative acquaintance last night and we discussed Trump’s response to the pandemic. They’re in Washington state, within driving distance of Seattle, aka Ground Zero.

This person is a former law enforcement officer, and overall a good person. I’ve only known three LEOs fairly well in life. This person is literally the first I’ve known who wasn’t an open racist, and actually condemns racism.

At some point in the conversation, they identified as conservative, with a particular fear and disgust of socialism (more on that in a bit.) I did not hold back on my absolute anger towards Trump; the scramble in NJ for refrigerator trucks to warehouse bodies had been upsetting me all day and it finally got the better of me.

I vented about how Cheetolini completely fucked everything up; about how this is the second time in nine years that Republicans have essentially told NJ to fuck off and die (the first being the heel dragging over Hurricane Sandy relief); and my general anger with Magic Balance Fairy worship in the US.

It was fascinating. At no point did this person try to defend the bastard, but they kept circling back to two points:

• The states need to do more to help
• “Everyone” is to blame for dropping the ball

Pointing out shit like “What’s the point of FEMA if they’re going to refuse to help” and “He literally knew about it in January and did nothing”, while not dismissed outright, was countered with the same tired “We all need to pitch in” and “It’s not just Trump who knew and didn’t act.”

Nothing got heated or shouty or anything, but goddamn; anyone expecting conservatives to do the right thing in November are deluding themselves. This person just was not having blaming Trump for, for lack of a better term, more than his “fair share”.

This monster’s negligence is literally going to kill tens of thousands of Americans and, my acquaintance did not even come close to “Yeah, he’s the goddamn leader. The buck stop with him.” It’s like a circuit breaker goes off in their heads and prevents them from being openly honest about how fucked up Trump and the party is.

Others here have pointed out signs that Trump will go down in November. I’m going to try to do my part and hope they’re right. But, goddamn; the man is the walking antithesis of everything that the GOP has claimed to stand for in my lifetime, and they.




Admit it.

About that socialism thing: this person started lamenting how awful the US health care system can be. I pointed out that the problem is they have to keep the shareholders happy, hoping that my subtle hint that a for-profit healthcare system has proven to be an utter failure.

Don’t think it registered at all.