Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Mad Prophet Ludwig9/09/2009 2:06:07 pm PDT

An oldie but a goodie, updated for the thread…

When President Obama first got into the oval office, he surprised to see a red phone, a black phone and a white one.

The red one calls the Russians. The black one calls the joint chiefs. The white one he is told calls G-d directly. He is told though that it is very very expensive to use the phone, tens of millions per minute.

He does however call G-d and they have a chat.

Later Obama discovers that the Russians have the same three phones. Only the red one calls him, and the white one is even more expensive to use.

Obama is shocked to find that Bibi, in Israel also has a white phone, and Bibi talks on it all the time.

How is that asks Obama? How can your country afford it?

Local call.