WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

lawhawk6/13/2017 1:34:06 pm PDT

The AG heads the DOJ. The AG is not Trump’s personal lawyer, but Trump’s treating him like one and Sessions is acting as though that is his capacity and responsibility.

It isn’t.

AG is responsible for making sure that the rule of law is followed, but Sessions is ignoring his oath and put his loyalty to Trump above all else. He’s violating the oath he took, and is yet more proof Sessions should never have been confirmed as AG.

The least bad thing you can say about Sessions is that he shouldn’t have been confirmed because he’s incompetent.

But from there, it’s all downhill - committing perjury and continuing to lie under oath about his meetings with Russians.

He doesn’t know what his job entails, including defending against threats foreign and domestic, like the Russian cyberattack against various state election computer systems across the nation. That he doesn’t know any of this shows just how Trump has gutted functioning government within 140+ days of taking office.