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calochortus11/22/2019 11:17:15 am PST

re: #282 danarchy

I was just booking a hotel room and the advertised price was $100 a night, great! Go through the booking process enter all my info and right at the end there is a Mandatory $20/day fee apparently to cover amenities like, wifi, pool, gym etc.

This means the room is $120 a night! I have no problem with this, if the original advertised price was $120 I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Why do you need to lie to me and then spring the extra fee at the end? If the hotel wasn’t so conveniently located to the event I was attending I would seriously have canceled the transaction and picked another hotel.

IIRC, some years ago an airline tried advertising their total prices with no add-ons later in the booking process. They advertised this fact. Bookings fell because people are stupid and went with the lowest price they saw at first.