Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

DistantThunder2/04/2009 11:01:43 am PST

re: #305

Well, not usually.
But people who use “cracker” or “cookie” probably know full well the usual term is “host”, and use “cracker” or “cookie” as a way to show contempt.

No skin off my back, really - I make a point and an effort to not post things at that level.

I think the Catholic church is part of our political problem in that they provide cover for these “Catholic” politicians to full embrace positions completely contrary antithetical to church doctrine - without any repercussion from the church. I know someone tried to restrict communion - but that didn’t work out when Kerry just went and took communion anyway.

If the church excommunicated a few more liberal catholic politicians, I’d be impressed.