Watch Live: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Now Resuming With Fiona Hill and David Holmes

Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)11/21/2019 2:17:20 pm PST

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Fiona Hill:

Does anyone else think that the Democrats need to start using the word “communist” in connection with this?

Russian just isn’t pushing the right buttons here.

Start saying things like, “Trump held up military aid to allies who were single-handedly fighting off a COMMUNIST invasion” and that will perk up the ears of a lot of the old pig-fuckers on the right.

Make the case. Putin wants to put the old Soviet empire back again.

The heart of the Soviets was the Communist party.

The heart of the Communist party was the KGB.

Putin is/was/always will be KGB. All the oligarchs are former KGB.

Trump and his enablers are working on behalf of Russian communists.