Rest in Peace, John McCain

Hecuba's daughter8/26/2018 10:02:11 am PDT

re: #302 Targetpractice

As the thread above noted, Milo’s fall from grace really accelerated the moment that he was banned from Twitter. That serves to reinforce the argument that the way to deal with hate and bigotry is to deprive it of a platform, rather than giving it greater exposure in order to “debate” with it as though it were a legitimate argument deserving of public discussion.

Gresham’s law (from the 19th century) states that bad money drives out good. That is even more true of speech. Giving dishonesty and lies an equal platform to truth diminishes truth and allows lies to flourish. What always troubles me about debates is that the clever, more eloquent speaker usually wins, despite the merits of their argument. That is even truer in a public forum where the audience usually doesn’t know the actual facts and can easily be swayed by style over substance.

When someone makes bold-faced lies, it’s hard to refute unless you have all the true details at your finger-tips and can cite a reputable source that conclusively refutes their assertions, especially when they don’t have to present documented evidence to support their statements.