Self-Defense Statistics-When Stats Are Colored With Attitude

Rightwingconspirator6/03/2014 2:39:48 pm PDT

re: #32 Fairly Sure I’m Still Obdicut

Okay I’m just not going to debate over agreeing. I already linked. There are places where we agree in principle but at depart different points along the spectrum of risk.

Yeah your training level for CCW actually exceeded what a cop trainer friend said LAPD does. So yeah that was a tad excessive. But we do agree that extensive training is the need. I think training for home defense or CCW should scale to about what gun training police get. Not SWAT, detectives and beat cops.
Now that sport I mentioned? That is how they can improve on that level.

Was your level of training you called for a deliberate discouragement? That’s not what training is for.