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Jay C12/02/2018 12:28:40 pm PST

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I’m sure that “owning Piers Morgan” is an easy enough accomplishment even for a nonagenarian, but I can’t seem to find Dick Van Dyke’s actual response to Morgan’s derp (though I’m sure it’s a 3d-degree burn). What did he say?

Piers Morgan

* Dec 1, 2018
Imagine being called Dick Van Dyke in this PC-crazed era?
Poor guy.
He’ll have to change his name to Richard Van Non-Binary-Gender-Fluid.

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Dick Van Dyke


4:21 AM - Dec 2, 2018
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Sorry to seem like a low-tech numpty (not on Twitter, so maybe it’s the same thing), but while I could access the numerous laudatory responses to Dick Van Dyke’s rejoinder to Piers Morgan - which must have been a beaut - I couldn’t see the actual comment (Morgan’s feed seems mostly about soccer). What did he (DVD) say?