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Anymouse 🌹5/06/2019 8:32:07 pm PDT

re: #8 Chrysicat

More specifically, genius was mainly so far on the “skin in the game! If people had to pay cash for their prescriptions, but those prescriptions were manufactured by many different companies, the market would drive prices to ‘sane’ points.” But that always leads to “ERs should have posted prices and you should drive until you qualify” and “US medicine is overpriced because there aren’t enough providers active, and we need to kill the gatekeeper system”.

And none of that makes much sense.

Drugs are patented. They aren’t going to be manufactured by “many different companies” unless you get rid of patents.

Drive around checking ER prices? Wonderful. The nearest ER to me is sixteen miles away. The next two nearest ER’s are sixty miles away (one south, one west). Beyond that, the next nearest ER is a hundred miles away.

If I have an emergency (that’s part of the name ER), I’m not going to be driving around in a three hundred mile circle looking for the best prices (even if an ER could put up a price list like McDonalds).

If you’re in an accident, they take you to the nearest hospital, not the cheapest hospital.

There are not enough providers active because it costs a metric fuquetonne of money to open a hospital. Even in huge cities like Chicago or Dallas someone’s not going to come along and plunk “Joe’s Cut-Rate Hospital Service! We guarantee to beat the competition!” in town.

That’s neither how business nor hospitals work.

Libertarians really don’t understand things like business and profit, do they?