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Yeah Sure WhatEVs11/21/2019 6:35:07 am PST

re: #4 lawhawk

So, last night’s debate. Funny how women seem to be defined based on their accomplishments, but guys are defined on their potential.

Weird. Pete has a fraction of the accomplishments of someone like Warren or Harris, but media hot takes give him an edge why? Because of what potential he brings? What about Warren’s potential or that of Harris.

Pete is a mayor of a small market city. Heck, it’d barely rate as a neighborhood in a place like Los Angeles or Brooklyn NY (which itself is a fraction of NYC). And yet Kamala is US Senator from California and a distinguished prosecutor and Warren is also a US Senator who has signature legislation to her credit.

I don’t get it.

But I do get that everyone should be dunking on Tulsi even more than they have.

I got CL’d downstairs too. I’ve said it before but…

As a woman it infuriates me.

A woman at the top of the dem ticket is going to be hard, really hard, because women have it much harder than (1) white men, then (2) any other men. Fact of life.

Black men got the vote before women did.

It’s like we barely matter, have to work 100x harder, have to prove what where others (meaning men) are assumed. Where men are strong and assertive, women are bitches. We don’t fucking smile enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a man hater and I think you all know that, but this is just a fact of life.

Christ, fucking Pakistan elected a woman decades ago. Yet here we are.

Smile gals…and for god’s sake be nice. Otherwise, you’re invisible (see Kamala and Amy both).