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Buffalo Anti-Lockdown Group Suggested Dressing Up As Slaves For Protest

The bandwidth of victimhood of conservatives in large groups cannot be calculated. Masks are not the Holocaust, masks are not slavery, masks aren’t taking your rights.

Get off the cross, we need the wood.

Starting at 9:30 this morning, an anti-lockdown group started protesting in front of the Buffalo home of Mark Poloncarz, the County Executive of Erie County, NY. Naturally, there were not a lot of masks or social distancing to be seen.

Demonstrators making their presence known in front of the home of @markpoloncarz in #Buffalo.

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Organizers of a protest against business closures due to #COVID are targeting ⁦@markpoloncarz⁩ Sunday morning. Th…

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This would be just your usual Covidiot nonsense were it not for the invitation to the protest. While thankfully it looks as though no one went along with it, the invitation to the protest told people to “feel free to dress up as slaves.”

In the “ideas for posters,” they suggested “pictures of elderly who have been locked in internment camps.” This suggestion hit Polocarz in a personal way, as his grandparents actually were held in German concentration camps.