Birth Control Is Not a Women's Issue: It's a Human Right

Buck3/08/2012 5:49:30 pm PST

re: #30 Obdicut


Please describe the difference in paying an employee money that they then use to purchase birth control and providing them with a health insurance plan that, if they choose to use it, will provide them with birth control.

Make sure to include logic.

The difference is, as I have stated twice already that paying for insurance that provides birth control, when birth control is against your religion is being forced into an association with others wherein they’d be forced to act against belief.

We may not want to support the Catholic Church. We might hate their treatment of women. However, next it could be circumcision and the treatment of 5 day old Jewish boys. (This has already been attempted in San Francisco). If in the future, the government can force you to act against your religious beliefs then where will it stop?