John Oliver Takes a Good Look at Whacked Out Far Right Propaganda Network OAN [VIDEO]

klys (maker of Silmarils)4/06/2020 4:39:09 pm PDT

Grocery store was busier this week than I’ve seen it in a while. Roughly half the folks in there, if not more, wearing masks. Stock levels continue to recover - the frozen veggies were practically back to normal, as was the bottled water. (I picked up a bottle of distilled water for some of the pickling I’ve been playing with.) Only things really still missing were flour and rice and beans - mostly the beans, there are starting to be smatterings of rice. And we were having supply issues when it came to dried beans BEFORE this so… Reusable bags currently not allowed, sigh, so I guess I will have a growing collection of paper bags for the cat to chew on.

New masks from my mother arrived, so I was able to go while looking stylish.

I am super tired of a lot of things but most especially the death cult that’s currently “running” the country.