Trevor Noah: Ill-Fated Premature Coronavirus Victory Laps

Kamrade Teddy's Person7/15/2020 9:16:27 am PDT

Trump campaign in disarray! Article from Politico, here are a couple tidbits about how they’re trying to bounce back from Tulsa.

In the days after President Donald Trump’s poorly attended rally in Tulsa, Okla., senior campaign aides repeatedly assured their optics-obsessed boss it was a one-off debacle.

They demoted a longtime staffer who had managed logistics for the failed campaign comeback [Tulsa].

Two people close to the Trump campaign said its primary issue is locating areas where local and state officials are both willing to permit large-scale campaign events and unlikely to blame the president if an outbreak of the virus occurs once he’s come and gone.

Internal divisions over how much focus Trump should lend to the virus have plagued the White House in recent weeks. Chief of staff Mark Meadows and senior adviser Jared Kushner have both pushed the president to focus on communicating a strong second-term agenda, including measures he would take to help bring the U.S. economy roaring back to life, while others have encouraged him to focus on the combating the virus itself given its widespread impact on most people’s lives.