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albusteve8/10/2010 7:46:38 pm PDT

re: #319 daddylawbucks

yes, and he left office with a balanced budget, no deficit, right? And when Bush got done cutting the taxes for the “rich” (people who made more than me, anyway) and not doing anything to finance two wars, where did he leave us? SCREWED is where.

So more defect spending to stimulate the economy, as opposed to financing tax cuts, is the recommenced method of igniting prosperity again.

I have had my criticism of Bush, luckily he presided over years of steady growth that was squandered in his second term, even tho I supported the Iraq war…he definitely kicked it down the road, but that is no excuse for the wild spending spree we have seen, yet even today, with the teacher bailout….foolish, and does nothing to solve the problem…it makes the problem even worse…you don’t give a junkie trying to recover a hit of dope, but BO needs those votes