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A used set is fine, actually the way to go, but wood is a living thing. It may have been mishandled. A drummer who knows his stuff would help. And trust me, I attempted to tune drums many a time. It’s not always a tuning key and ear. My current drummer, who is a real musician who can sit in with orchestras uses a drum dial precision tuner along with pitch paired sticks. You can tell.
I guess what I’m attempting to say is don’t go cheap just to save a buck. There are deals, but you will get what you pay for. You will not hear what you hear on songs and the frustration will screw you because you are just starting out.
A used set of decent drums is fine as long as no issues are there. Fun fact. You can buy a small cheap kit and break a head and pay about 10% of the price of the entire kit to replace it. One important fact. As long as you do not overpay, you can recoup some money if you choose to unload or move up.
Just my 2 cents. Hope this helped in some small way.

Drums, I think, are among the most finicky of instruments. The quality of the heads, the drum bodies, the sticks, the mounting gear, the way they’re tuned, the locations of the microphones (if being used), the air in the room, the phase of the moon, if Mercury is in retrograde - every single little thing makes a difference in how the things sound.