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I’d like to learn more about Bennet. I was actually thinking and I know you just re-elected him and you don’t want to lose him but Sherrod Brown. I’m interested in someone who could help us regain ground in staets we lost in 2016 but without dismissing what’s important to our base. Your Senator Brown has the blue collar message down without dismissing PoC, women, and immigrants and I admire him deeply for it. And I have no doubt that he would be great next to Pence but as I said Mayor Pete, Beto, or someone else could work too.

Remember this passionate speech? It made me very aware of Bennet. It shows to me he has some of that same Midwest type sensibility. He is moderate, etc. I think he would make a fine VP as he would be a great backup/protector. This speech convinced me of that.

He may still announce as a presidential candidate yet too.

Michael Bennet’s full speech on the shutdown