Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

alkmyst3/24/2010 4:44:56 pm PDT

So how exactly did Israel bungle this?

First, where is any solid proof that whoever pulled off an operation that left a terrorist dead was in fact Israeli?

Ok, so assuming for the sake of argument that it was Israel that pulled off this brilliant operation that left one mass-murdering terrorist dead with ZERO collateral damage…

Who was he there in Dubai talking with? Maybe some people that are intent on arming Pally “peaceful demonstrators”. Maybe it was people with the tech to do something bigger, like ABC attacks?

What exactly is Britain’s problem? Oh, right - they are offended that some intelligence agency used fake passports. Ehhhhhhh, isn’t that what intelligence agencies, ehhhh, DO? Wankers.

Assuming again for the sake of argument that the operation was by Israelis, well let’s see…

Letting the terrorists know that we can find and kill them and leave the country before anyone even knows their missing: Check.

Doing so with foreknowledge of cameras, and photoshopping passport photos so that the actual people involved are pretty much untraceable: Check

Doing so with very little lead time to plan ahead: Check

Letting other countries know that we do not rely on them to take care of ourselves: Check

I am failing to see any “diplomatic fallout” that wasn’t already on someone’s agenda to begin with.