James O'Keefe Pleads Guilty

Spare O'Lake5/26/2010 2:47:25 pm PDT

re: #329

They went on sale, um, mid-April, I believe, and we are up to 39 sold.
A mere 39.

With all the great features here at LGF, it seems to me that $16.35 for the cookbook (containing Jaunte’s art inside and out, a lot of great recipes, Killgore’s Very Own Gardening SEction, and Cato’s poem on the back cover!) would be a really good deal! The ‘profit” per book (split between LGF and Soldier’s Angels) is a mere $5 per book; we kept it down deliberately to encourage greater sales.

Plus, folks, you know - these will be genuine collector’s items in a few years!

Get yours here.
And while you’re at it, check out Volume 1, as well.
Buy both and you’ll only have one shipping charge!