New From Seth Meyers: Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress

lawhawk5/02/2019 9:00:40 am PDT

Democrats have to show a spine.

That goes for Pelosi finally unleashing impeachment, because it’s clear that Trump and the GOP ignore the rule of law and don’t take Congress seriously in engaging in oversight. They want their malfeasance to go unanswered and unchallenged.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, we’ve got more Democrats seemingly interested in running for president than looking to retake the Senate from the craven GOPers.

Bennet is the latest to announce a run, even though he’s got zero name recognition and is another guy without a record or credibility to run. At the same time, Democrats can’t seem to get credible candidates to run against vulnerable GOPers in states where Democrats need to take back or hold the line. That means if the Senate remains in GOP hands, that McConnell will get to obstruct and thwart any Democrat who wins the WH.

That’s the problem and the ballgame that Schumer has to solve for and it doesn’t look like he’s up to the task.

Pelosi may have a strategy to keep the House, and even to go ahead with impeachment, but both Pelosi and Schumer continue to act as though the GOP are playing by the rules when it is abundantly clear that Trump and the GOP don’t care about the rules when it applies to the GOP, but are intent on using the rules to thwart Democrats at every turn.