New Music From Lianne La Havas: "Can't Fight"

BigPapa7/04/2020 9:14:36 am PDT

I think we’re seeing the death knell of Trumpism. Ironically, his greatest strength is his greatest weakness: race. I’ve been thinking for a day or two that stoking racism is what got him elected (Whitelash) and what sustains him and I still believe that. Now I think it will be the coup de grace to his abhorrent tumor of a presidency.

A massive repudiation of Trump’s racist politics is building
By Dana Milbank

This is what Parker had in mind when he wrote in 2016 that Trump could be “good for the United States.” The backlash Trump provoked among whites and nonwhites alike “could kick off a second Reconstruction,” Parker now thinks. “I know it sounds crazy, especially coming from a black man,” he says, but “I think Trump actually is one of the best things that’s happened in this country.”

Let us hope.