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Jay C1/31/2019 8:25:05 am PST

re: #324 lawhawk

The state should sue the fuck out of Trump and DOE and Perry, and hold them accountable. They put millions of lives at risk by moving around weapons grade nuclear materials (that’s what plutonium is and used for), and any accidental release can put people at risk. Knowing how Trumpworld operates, those risks go up exponentially.

Trumpworld doesn’t care about the rule of law or public safety. They just do stupid shit and think they can get away with it.

Well, apparently, they actually DID “get away with it” - one presumes any spill/leakage of weapons-grade plutonium might have generated some publicity.
And given the general level of governmental competence characteristic of the Trump Administration, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Sec’y Rick “Glasses-make-me-look-smarter” Perry, or one of his minions, use the reveal to dismiss concerns about the handling/transport of radioactive materials as the uninformed bleating of Luddite hippie tree—huggers…..