One of the Greatest Lyric Videos Ever: Jason Mraz, "93 Million Miles"

ObserverArt7/11/2018 11:01:47 am PDT

re: #324 makeitstop

You have to think so!

Maybe they’re waiting for Mueller to finish up and then deliver the crushing blow.

The one thing I hope for with all my heart is that one day this ignorant Asshole From Queens TM has it made clear that he’s not bigger than democracy.

The realization will probably kill him on the spot.

It appears we are on a bit of an island here at LGF makeitstop.

I’m now getting depressed again by some of this. Never before in my life has being optimistic led to me getting depressed.

I love the Lizards, but sometimes…

Time to bug out. I gotta find something positive to do.