Encyclopedia of American Loons: #652: Werner Erhard

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)8/19/2013 7:58:26 am PDT

re: #33 pittee

I am only talking about the ones you might not have been convinced of. Not the ones where you were overturned.

But what you actually said was this:

You say that but trust me, if there was a study saying something you disagreed with, no matter how iron clad it was, you would find 1000 ways to invalidate and never break a sweat.

What you are saying now appears to be the rather simplistic “You haven’t been convinced of things you haven’t been convinced of.” Yes, that’s true. It is also a very pointless thing to say.

Many times and often. BUT there are those times where I held onto my belief a lot longer until I was ready to give it up and those things that I never gave up on and just said I don’t care, I will stick to my guns on this belief.

I’m glad that you are accepting your original statement was very wrong, as disproved by you yourself.

Do you think that the efficacy of EST and the conditions it was delivered in might be one of these things you’re holding onto too tight and are sticking to your guns despite the evidence?