Acoustic Mastery: Mike Dawes, "The Old Room"

The Ghost of a Flea11/23/2020 12:59:02 am PST

re: #29 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷

A thing that needs to underlined is that elite institutions and rich people with entrenched, generation cultural and political power have class solidarity that extends beyond borders.

Wherever they are, regardless of the kind of ideology they claim to believe in, they tend to support one another in the task of maintaining that power over normal people. The nicest billionaire is still indignant at the idea that other billionaires maybe don’t need that money as badly as…people trying to change infrastructure to change the planet so less people are desperately poor (and under threat from climate change and war). But most of these institutions are pretty naked about “nope, we want all the money and power, ever” and act accordingly.

Whenever we talk about “Russia”…the Russian Federation is barely a nation, it’s a crime syndicate wearing a country like a shell…what we really mean is “the oligarchs and their flunkies who want both all the money and power enough to indulge their geopolitical whims.” Our reactionaries and autocrat wannabees don’t need to be corrupted or controlled in some kind of Cold-War-spy system because…they want the same fucking thing the Russian oligarchs already have. They want all the money, they want it as fast as possible and with no regard for harm to people and the commonwealth, they want to play at war and conquest to feel important, and they want sufficient power to impose morality on lesser people.