Top Islamic Cleric Wishes for Another Holocaust at the Hands of Muslims

Desert Dog2/03/2009 8:46:08 am PST

Sure let’s kill all the Jews, but now he’s going after Pokemon’s too! The bastard!

Yusif al-Qaradawi

Pokemon fatwa

In 2001, Saudi Arabia banned the game of Pokmon as a Zionist plot; Qaradawi issued a fatwa endorsing this in December 2003, saying that Pokemon not only uses Jewish and Masonic symbols, but teaches evolution. Not only do Pokemon evolve, they do so “in battles where the survivors are those who adapt better to the environment; another of Darwin’s dogmas.” In addition, both depiction of imaginary animals and card-games are contrary to the Quran. Qaradawi also notes that some Japanese expressions squeaked and gibbered by Pokemon may mean “I am a Jew” and “Become a Jew,” but admits the matter is controversial and he isn’t certain.[37]

What I find sickening is this guy is propped up as some kind of moderate? I would hate to see the radical ones. Why is there no uproar about these guys? They are stating, quite clearly what they want….another Holocaust, Muslim domination of the world, etc…..are we the only ones listening to this asshole?