Netanyahu accused of 'crying wolf' over Iran's non-existant nukes

Destro10/20/2012 3:42:15 pm PDT

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Let me try that again since lGF is shit in a cell phone and my post was mangaled above @ #29.

The Kurds are not innocents in these wars, they have been pioneers in suicide bombings for example and I have seen Kurds march in military parades for both Saddam and Iran (various factions) and and then there is Turkey’s Kurdish Hezbollah (real Islamist Kurd sickos fighting secular communist PKK Kurds for Turkey). The USA blamed the Iranians in part for the gassing of the Kurds and saw no problem supporting a Ba’athis regime vs Islamist crazies.

I see no problem in supporting secular leaning Ba’athists against Islamists either. I am not praising Ba’athists - I am making a choice as to which hell hole I could live in and that would be the Ba’athist hell hole vs the Islamist hell hole.

Now if you are going to say, we are working on not producing a hell hole but a good form of decent democracy - OK - good luck - but the history of the region speaks against it. So any attempt at the USA to arm rebels or over throw regimes I am against.

Don’t support any regime and don’t over throw any regime.

And I wish Assad all the best in ridding his nation of Free Syrian Islamists.