Watch Live: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Now Resuming With Fiona Hill and David Holmes

KGxvi11/21/2019 2:35:58 pm PST

re: #302 HappyWarrior

It’s honestly why while I’m ideologically liberal as they come, ideology isn’t how I want to chose the nominee. I want someone open minded and who would listen to people like Hill who are experts at their field.

Ideology is part of the equation. So are temperament and wisdom (knowing what you don’t know and being able to listen to others). All of those are ultimately about judgment. And really that’s what we should be weighing candidates on - do they have the judgment to handle these jobs. Because honestly, policy preferences aside, a lot of shit happens in 4 years and we should want someone who can exercise the right judgment when shit goes sideways. Donald Trump has poor judgment; and probably any Dem candidate other than Gabbard has better judgment than him. It’s just a matter of figuring out who has the best judgment