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KGxvi5/09/2019 11:12:26 am PDT

re: #323 HappyWarrior

I mean I get why older Southern whites have their romantic ideas about the CSA. What I don’t get is why they refuse to challenge them. Even a great historian like Shelby Foote was saying into the 1990’s that he gladly would have fought for the CSA cause. I think he like so many whites of that generation and region grew up hearing the romantic stories about how Grandpa or Great Grandpa went off to war “for his country” and didn’t look at the reality of what the CSA was all about or if he did, he overlooked it because it would mean that it was somehow dishonoring the ancestors. I’m not naive. I doubt my second great grandfather whom I mentioned was a proponent of racial equality or even necessarily an opponent of slavery. The people who really frustrate me though are people like Iowa’s Steve King or my own state’s Corey Stewart, two Yankees who seem to love romanticizing the CSA.

It’s a form of indoctrination. Like most aspects of culture - from religion to customs to general beliefs. Most people grow up hearing certain things they accept them as true without really thinking about them or investigation. So you hear grandma telling you stories of how her noble grandfather fought those invading northerners and how he just wanted to protect his society… you just sort of take it at face value and after hearing it for decades it becomes #thetruth