VIDEO: A Surprising Development for Once: Mitt Romney Says He'll Vote to Convict Trump

Chrysicat2/05/2020 2:34:07 pm PST

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I wouldn’t bet on it. I’ve already seen a tweet from her basically condemning him to hell for doing that. OTOH, it’s a very good thing for Mitt that the king will probably be dead by 2024 because if Trump’s alive, he’ll bankroll multiple primary challengers.

And that’s assuming that he doesn’t have the party reworked in such a way that it’s illegal to declare oneself a Republican without a membership card and then deny one to Mitt.

Mitt did the bravest thing he ever has in his life. And it’s likely to cost him his extended family.

Though I hadn’t thought about this:

He still did a brave thing. It was nonetheless very much the wrong thing and if he had to acquit on one article, Article I would have been the better one for just the reason “Independent Justice” pointed out. He’s still making the President a king, since Congress can’t investigate any allegation.